Japanese cookie tin (biscuit tin) cute and delicious cookies sometimes with cake-filling.

Japanese cookie tins are not just containers filled with cookies; they are delightful sweets that often include cakes and various delicious treats.

Atelier Ukai “Fleur Sec Small Tin”

A small tin filled with colorful cookies known for their beautiful appearance and rich flavors.

Toshi Yoroizuka “Sable Collection”

A set of various flavored sable cookies, offering a luxurious taste experience.

Chez Shibata “Fleur d’Or”

A tin of French-style cookies featuring an elegant sweetness and a rich aroma.

Keita Maruyama “Assorted Cookie Tin (Lemon)”

A vibrant tin filled with lemon-flavored cookies.

Fairycake Fair “God’s Prank Cat Cookie Tin”

A charming cookie tin themed around cats.

Kamakura New Jerman

The “Tsukikagami” (Moon Mirror) 10-piece set from Kamakura New German includes cookies with caramel filling, walnuts, and rum-soaked raisins. The set contains 5 walnut cookies and 5 raisin cookies

Regalev “Cookie Tin Assortment”

A lavish tin with a variety of cookies.

Mont St. Clair “Chocolat Fran”

Chocolate cookies.

Le Chocolat de H “Canelé and Fondant Chocolat Set”

A set of canelé and fondant chocolat.

Tokyo Banana x KitKat

Tokyo Banana is a popular souvenir sweet in Japan. The collaboration between Tokyo Banana and KitKat is particularly famous, featuring unique cookie tins that have become a hot topic.

Yoku Moku’s Cigare

Yoku Moku is widely known as a high-end confectionery brand in Japan. Their signature butter cookie, shaped like a cigar and known as “Cigare,” is especially famous. The beautifully designed tins are also very popular as gifts.

Galler’s Chocolate Cookie Tin

Galler, a luxury chocolate brand from Belgium, offers chocolate cookies in Japan. These cookies come in beautifully designed tins, and the exquisite combination of cookies and chocolate is well-loved.

Mary’s Chocolate Cookie Tin

Mary’s Chocolate is a popular brand, especially during Valentine’s Day and White Day in Japan. They offer various cookie tins, with seasonal designs becoming a yearly highlight.

Shiseido Parlour’s Hanatsubaki Biscuits

Shiseido Parlour, a long-established confectionery brand based in Ginza, Tokyo, offers Hanatsubaki Biscuits. These biscuits come in elegantly designed tins and have been beloved for many years.