Hidden gems Japanese sake and wine hotel you can’t miss in Japan (Niigata)

Tamakiya is the hotel where we enjoy
Japanese sake and wine are paired with the dish.

1 hot spring

2 local cuisine sake wine

3 service

Sometimes, it’s hard to reserve a dinner course.
Even so, in the refrigerator, you can find Japanese sake, free of charge (only the ones inside of the fridge), and as for snacks,
we can choose tea or otsunami anytime you want.

You can choose tea leaves for herb tea and read through their selection of books about sake, tourism, wine, and so on.

After taking a bath, ladies can choose from a variety of yukata to wear, so if you have accompanying ladies along with you, I’m sure they will be excited to see try them out.

If you love sake and wine, I’m sure you can have fun staying there.

Basic Information about Hotel Tamakiya

Name: Hotel Tamakiya (酒の宿 玉城屋)
Location: Matsunoyama Onsen, Niigata Prefecture, Japan
Type: Traditional Japanese Ryokan with Michelin-starred French cuisine
Features and Amenities:
Rooms: Traditional Japanese-style rooms with modern amenities
Hot Springs: High mineral content hot spring baths known for their therapeutic benefits
Dining: Michelin-starred French cuisine using local ingredients and a wide selection of Niigata sake
Activities: Cultural experiences, including sake tasting and seasonal events
By Train:
From Tokyo: JR Joetsu Shinkansen to Echigo-Yuzawa Station (approx. 90 minutes)
From Echigo-Yuzawa Station: Hokuhoku Line to Matsudai Station (approx. 50 minutes)
By Car:
From Tokyo: Kanetsu Expressway to Muikamachi IC, then Route 253 to Matsunoyama Onsen (approx. 3 hours)
Shuttle Service:
Available from Matsudai Station with advance reservation.

Access to Hotel Tamakiya

By Train:
From Tokyo: Take the JR Joetsu Shinkansen to Echigo-Yuzawa Station (approx. 90 minutes).
From Echigo-Yuzawa Station: Transfer to the Hokuhoku Line and get off at Matsudai Station (approx. 50 minutes).
By Car:
From Tokyo: Take the Kanetsu Expressway to Muikamachi IC, then follow Route 253 to Matsunoyama Onsen (approx. 3 hours).
Shuttle Service:
The hotel offers a shuttle service from Matsudai Station. Reservations are required in advance.