Kaiseki Cuisine (Traditional multi-course banquet meal)

Appetizer Chawanmushi is an egg custard dish in Japanese cuisine.

Roasted Brussel sprouts served with cream cheese

 Butterbur scape(Butterbur scape is an edible wild plant that can be harvested in mountains in spring.)
It is a crossbreed between a king salmon and a rainbow trout, taking the best features from each fish and combining them into a delicious masterpiece.     

Fukinoto is a wild spring vegetable, fried with flour, egg yolk and water or fish stock(dashi). 

Yomogi Shinjo is a dish made of ground wild vegetables (Yomogi)and mixed with mashed fish or other ingredients, THEN steamed.

Bamboo shoots and Udo, which are ARE wild vegetableS as well, are covered with plum sauce.

Young chicken can be cooked coated with Kimizu (egg yolk cooperated with sugar and salt and knead).

Otukuri Hira-zukuri (sashimi prepared by cutting in large rectangular slices) bluefin tunared flesh.( caught off the coast of Japan) and Seared tuna. garnish(Freshly grated wasabi)

Wanmono(usually sashimi plate) petit Chirashi Sushi (rice topped with sashimi and other ingredients )、finely chopped Koshu beef dress with vegetables.
soup ( bamboo shoot with Shaved Dried Bonito)leaf bud

Simmered dish Imomaki, sweet potato and rice flour mixed with sugar and steamed, wrapped with wine drunken pork

Gohan: Kamameshi (tradishional Japanese rice dish cooked in a small iron pot. this time they used wild vegetables and spring sea bream.)

roasted Brussel sprouts served with cream cheese

Tome-wan : a miso-based or vegetable soup served with rice: Miso soup (sea weed)
Kō no mono: seasonal pickled vegetables.Nozawana (kind of Japanese turnip green which people usually pickle.)
Mizumono : a seasonal dessert; maccha mousse with strawberry

アミューズ 蚕豆のムース、芽キャベツロースト、クリームチーズ添え
前菜 ふきのとうオイル付け 富士の介アスパラ巻
造り 日本近海さん生本マグロ(赤身平造り・あぶり)<生わさび付>
椀物 ミニちらし寿司、甲州牛のたたき野菜和え

煮物 ワインとンの芋巻
火の物 甲州牛の溶岩石や木
ご飯 春たいと山菜の釜めし
留椀 海苔の味噌汁
香の物 野沢菜と階地区の胡麻風味和え
水菓子 抹茶ムースといちご

日本酒 七賢 天鵞絨(ビロード)の味